Why you should love Ticas,

Costa Rica is a country at peace with a very large middle class. Costa Rican Women (Ticas) are educated, sophisticated women with natural grace and beauty. Their warmth and easy going charm make them a winning combination with North American men.

You will notice a wonderful mix of the various ethnic groups who have settled different regions of Costa Rica and as well as the wonderful mix of cultures continuing to migrate and settle in this peaceful country.

The real strength of Costa Rica is Variety!

In terms of their heritage most women from this part of South America would identify themselves as being more European than Native American, and this is obvious in their physical appearance – they are a wonderful mixture of Latin beauty with European physical highlights. With skin tones ranging from vanilla white to honey, chocolate, ebony and every shade in between.

Most girls here are always matching from head to toe, totally put together even if they are just running out to buy something at the grocery store! Their makeup is flawless and their demeanor is charming.

Pura Vida!

Pura Vida is the national motto of Costa Rica. The term doesn’t translate directly into English, but is best described as choosing the path of happiness no matter the circumstances, “a way of being”, “a way of looking at life”, “happy and content” or “everything is going to be ok”.

Ticas know how to have fun – they are playful, sexy, flirtatious and fun. A Costa Rican woman’s killer smile can make your heart melt immediately.

You can find the Latin Girl of your dreams in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans are world-renowned for their friendliness, kindness, helpfulness and welcoming attitude.

Ticas tend to be very well educated, and are also heavily influenced by European culture and fashion. Another interesting fact about Costa Rican women is that there are more of them than there are Costa Rican men, tilting the advantage heavily in your favor when looking to date or marry a girl from this part of the world.

They arefamily oriented and welcome compliments about the cleanliness of their house and the flavor of their cooking (and that of her family) because these things are very important in Costa Rican culture.

Online dating in Costa Rica has become quite popular

Don’t assume Costa Rica girls are all easy. Although ladies in Costa Rica are good at flirting, it doesn’t mean they are all easy. In fact, you can find good women in every country, as long as you look for them and there are many beautiful, well-educated and intelligent women in Costa Rica, too.

As a matter of fact, Costa Rica is very liberal and people in Costa Rica are very open-minded and Westernised. Hence, Costa Rica beauties are probably even more open-minded and adventurous than you!

Ticas do not want to be compared to your ex-girlfriends from another country, as most women do not, but do not stereotype them and say you are acting “so latina”.

Ticas are waiting so what are you waiting for? Take the Chance! Meet Costa Rican Women